• Dagger Chest Folding V2.0

Dagger Chest Folding V2.0

The Dagger Chest is a classic prop. We have a regular model, and this is an economy model at almost half the price, for magicians wanting the illusion at a lower cost. Packs flat for transportation, and erects or dismantles in a couple of minutes. 

A box you can see right through is placed around a spectator's head.  Several daggers are thrust at all angles through the sides of the box.   

Then the box is opened to reveal not a human pin cushion, but a spectator with a vanished head! Finally remove the daggers, and spectator's head is "restored" without  a hair out of place, and no clue to the mystery. This model makes it easy to use with a volunteer from the audience, and does not require a trained assistant. Complete special chest, handsomely decorated, with 9 daggers. 

The Dagger Chest is 15" long and 11.5" wide and approximately 10.5" in height. The Swords are approximately 16" in length from tip to the base of the handle. 

Dagger Chest Folding V2.0

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