The performer displays a large playing card, which shows an Ace of Diamonds on the front, and a Four of Diamonds on the back of the card. 

When the card is again turned over the ace has become a three and the four has changed to a six. 

The magician now explains how the trick is performed with a specially printed card, teaching it to his audience. In actual fact the card has two pips on one side and five pips on the other.  By placing his hand at the correct spot the two spots can be made to appear as a one or three.  Similarly on the reverse the five spots can be shown as a four or six. 

Having taught the trick to his audience, the performer now proceeds to fool them with it all over again, using some "real" magic. 

There is now really a three on one side and a six on the opposite side.  Then the six becomes a seven.  And finally the seven becomes an eight, so the card shows three on one side and eight on the reverse. 

This magnetic version has the added advantage that there is no flash of string etc. with awkward lighting angles as in the standard pip card.  The item can be performed even close- up, and under almost any performing condition. 

This model of the classic prop is made from a powder coated metal sheet, and not paper stuck over a metal sheet, giving you a much more durable prop. The powder coated surface will last much longer, and is highly resistant to fingerprints and stains, which are inevitable in this prop. The large size makes this a prop visible for any large stage show.

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PIP Card Jumbo - Magnetic by KANT

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