• Flip Flop MAGIC

Magician shows a six panel accordion folded strip, which has three Red spots at the top and three Green spots at the bottom.  

He closes then opens the strip again. Now, the Red spots are at the bottom and Green spots at the top. He repeats this a couple of times but audience is not impressed – they say the strip is just being turned over. 

But when the strip is opened again, the Red and Green spots now appear to alternate. 

As the audience register this, he folds and opens the strip for the last time, and all the spots on display have changed to multicolor ones. 

For the climax, he turns the strip over, and when he shows the other side, it reads as “ITS MAGIC”. 

Excellent Fold Flat prop, suitable for a large audience, ready to use, with instructions. 

Flip Flop MAGIC

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