• Fan to See

Effect  : The performer shows a fan of normal size playing cards.  He passes his hand over the cards, and they visibly and instantly transform into a fan of Jumbo Cards, four times bigger than normal size playing cards.
The effect can also be performed in reverse by transforming a fan of Jumbo Cards to a fan of normal size playing cards.  This reverse 
presentation is effective in a routine combining the Diminishing Cards effect.  You transform the Jumbo Cards into regular size playing cards, then make them smaller and smaller till they finally vanish.
We supply you a very special mechanical outfit, which makes the trick self working. All you require are a few handling trials, to handle the apparatus smoothly and correctly without fumbling.
This outfit is made using the heavy quality Jumbo Cards advertised above, and will give you long service. A visual card effect totally different to the usual card trick - it will appeal even to those that "hate card tricks" !

Fan to See

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