Magician's Briefcase with Close Up Mat

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An invaluable accessory to a performing magician, this Briefcase allows you to conveniently carry most small tricks and accessories required by you to perform an act, be it Cards, Cups & Balls, Chop Cup, Rope, Sponge Balls Rope, Silks, decks of cards, gimmicks like the thumtip, etc. The Briefcase aslo comes with a Close Up Mat  which fits neatly inside the cover, and which you can place on top of the Briefcase to perform various  items.  The inside of the briefcase is partioned into various sections covered in flock, with a sponge lined bottom so as to prevent damage to the props, and allow you to pack your props neatly. 

Props shown in the picture are just to give you an idea, and you can fit your own props.You only get the Briefcase and Close Up Mat. The Briefcase is 18"wide, 14" deep &  4" high. Supplied at a very affordable price, this is an accessory you will use.

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Magician's Briefcase with Close Up Mat

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