SnowStorms - White

A piece of tissue paper is torn to shreds & immersed in water. You scoop out the soggy paper & squeeze out any excess liquid. Using a folding fan you wave over your hand & the paper turns into a "snow storm" filling the entire area!

Snow Storm In China (sometimes referred to as Winter Time In China) is one of the ancient classic effects, with a climax that is highly appealing, and bound to draw applause from any type of  audience. The effect is made possible by the use of specially made "Snow Storm Tablets", a compact bundle of thousands of paper flakes which can be easily palmed and handled.
We supply you ten of these Snow Storm Tablets (each tablet can be used for a single performance) with the strips of tissue paper, and full working instructions for this effect.  In addition you will require an ordinary glass of water, a folding hand fan which can be as ordinary or fancy as you like and a couple of handling trials to perform this enchanting ancient mystery. An excellent stage effect for the price of a pocket trick.

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SnowStorms - White

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