• Mummy Mystery (Deluxe)

Mummy Mystery (Deluxe)

Effect : The magician displays three Mummies of three different colors (White, Gray & Black).
The Mummies are handed over to a spectator, along with a box (Coffin), and the spectator is invited to place any Mummy he fancies into the Coffin, close it, and place the Coffin on the table.
The other two Mummies are concealed by him, so that there is no clue to the color of Mummy placed in the Coffin. The performer reveals the color, without touching the coffin, or even going near it.
This is a very old effect, originally described in a book by Blackstone several decades ago. Over the years we have produced several models of this item, in wood and plastic. This model is one of the best available anywhere, with a realistic 3-D sculptured sarcophagus, and carved "mummies" in simulated marble, slate and ebony. A model that does full justice to the classic effect, yet very affordably priced.

Mummy Mystery (Deluxe)

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