PK Magnetic Ring - Gold

PK Magnetic Ring - Gold

Too match our Rare Earth Magnets we present a fully magnetic finger ring made of the same Neodymium and ideal for a range of PK effects.

Many of the effects that you would normally do with a magnet concealed on you wrist or elsewhere can be achieved with this.

Make metal items move
Steal away coins and other small items
Perform chop cup routines with a normal disposable cup
and much more....

No instructions will be given.

Here is some of the effects that this ring can do:
• Coin vanishes and appearances.
• Coin Thru Can
• Glass Bottle Penetration
• Plastic Bottle Penetration
• Matchbox Penetration
• Psychic Matchbox
• Stopping Time
• Haunted Deck
• Deck Penetration
• Coin Transpo
• Psychic Coins
• Coin Balance
• Chopless Chop Cup
• Haunted Form
• The Haunted Tom
• Beer Mat Penetration

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