News Rose (With DVD)

Professional magic for magicians!

How many effects do you have that provide a complete mini routine? This is truly a winner; it's different, unique and will make you stand out. Crafted by professional magicians for professional magicians.

In my many years in magic it is rare that I run across a method so new and clever that I take exceptional notice - this is one of those times.  I just finished watching the DVD for News Rose. It is amazing in so many ways. First the effect is incredible! You have a REAL winner here!  - Barry Block

News Rose (newspaper rose), is an effect that will be appreciated as well by the seasoned performer as to those new to the wonderful world of magic.

With a few clever and subtle moves the performer takes an ordinary newspaper and any liquid in an unprepared container, and crates nothing short of a magical miracle.

Effect: Magician shows an ordinary newspaper on all sides and pours liquid into the folds. He then removes a dry silk handkerchief from the newspaper. If that wasn't enough, the magician reaches in again to produce a rose! The grand finale -- a big surprise -- a glass of liquid is removed from the newspaper, after which the magi  hands the newspaper to a member of the audience!

  •  Magician can show all sides of the newspaper (free & clear).
  •  Any newspaper can be used.
  •  Real Liquid is poured into the newspaper - any liquid!
  •  Almost no preparation
  •  No Glues, No Rubber Cement, No Bags!
  •  Use "any" silk
  •  No Body Loads! You can hold it away from your body!
  •  Totally Self-Contained!
  •  Everything is examinable after the effect!
  •  No other gimmick like it in magic.
  •  Instructional DVD has English subtitles, and step-by-step visual instructional that makes the subtitles just a luxury not a necessity.

· No other DVD we have seen goes into to such detail regards to additional value added tips and suggestions.

Sample Theme Routine by Mark Stevens:

A man spots an attractive girl sitting at a table and decides to try and impress her by producing the Wall Street Journal and reading it in front of her - page by page. Unfortunately this doesn't get him anywhere....

So he decides to try his hand at magic to win her heart! He takes the paper and folds it in half. He then grabs a glass of milk from the table and pours the milk into the paper! You can actually see the milk pouring into the paper (no milk glass gimmick here)!

He takes his hand and waves it under the paper, showing no liquid leaking out of it? But she is only modestly impressed!

So Romeo takes it a step further and reaches into the paper where he had just poured the milk and removes a white silk? She takes the silk from him and uses it as a scarf around her neck. But she's still not totally convinced she has found Mr. Right, but the night is cold and the silk scarf will keep her warm!

Romeo is patient and next he reaches again in the paper and pulls out a rose! Upon doing so, he finally sees his charms are making progress! He just needs one more feat of magic to secure the relationship and he again goes back to the newspaper, reaching inside of it to produce a glass full of crème de menthe! This seals the deal and the two lovers walk off arm in arm!

Of course this is just one possibly routine, but the benefit is you will be empowered with a mini-routine when you purchase this effect that will be unqiue. 

Comes Complete with Glass, "red" rose, Silk & DVD

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